“ We Do Believe That Addiction Is Preventable And Can Be Treated”


treatment & rehab

Our residential program is a highly structured community-based healing program.



Continuing therapy and counseling after leaving rehab are equally critical.



To boost protective factors and eliminate or reduce risk factors for drug use.


30 years experience

In the year 1991, PENGASIH Malaysia Association was officially formed by a group of former drug addicts with the core values of a belief that drug addiction does recover and addiction is preventable.

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With over 30 years of experience to date, PENGASIH has assisted thousands of recovering addicts in their recovery process. It has ventured deeply into providing Treatment & Recovery from substance abuse with a working force within whom members of Persatuan PENGASIH Malaysia are. These members are none other than people in recovery who have adopted the methodologies of Persatuan PENGASIH Malaysia.

This Therapeutic Community’s approach is built from the core principle of exploring the bio-psycho-social and spiritual aspects of an individual. This intense approach targets the behaviour pattern and brings about a change in oneself in order to be free from substance abuse.

Persatuan PENGASIH Malaysia believes that the involvement of family and parents is essential and acts as a great motivation to help people in recovery, which might differ from the more intuitional approach of the government-run correction facilities. With this proven and more cost-effective manner, we are living testament that the Therapeutic Community’s approach is effective.


treatment programs

Drug Rehabilitation


Require patients to check themselves into a controlled
environment to overcome their addictions.


Focus on drug abuse education, individual and group counseling, and teaching addicted people how to cope without their drug.

Drug Rehabilitation


Sobriety is hardest to maintain early in the process, and gradually grows easier as new habits, relationships, and routines are formed.


Designed to provide the education to diminish drug dependency in communities, schools and the workplace.



You may think that your donation does not create huge changes but your thoughts and small steps can help someone – you can make a difference in their life by donating today. Your donation does not only provide them with all the essential resources, but it also gives them a sense of hope and great assistance for a brighter future of our community.


Selama aku sudah 'drug-free' aku sudah dapat kembali ke alam realiti dan telah berpijak di bumi yang nyata. Dengan kata-kata semangat 'Stay Strong' dan 'Life Must Go On' juga bantuan dan sokongan dari rakan sebaya serta kakitangan Rumah PENGASIH Kuala Lumpur, aku berjaya memikul tanggungjawab aku kembali terhadap anak- anak aku, keluarga dan masyarakat. Syukur Alhamdullilah kepada Allah kerana aku diberi peluang kedua untuk aku menebus semula kesilapan lalu.
Shamsul Annuar
Bismilahirrahmanirrahim, dengan ikhlas aku katakan bahawa dalam masa menagih dan juga waktu rehat dari menggunakan dadah amat berbeza di tempat-tempat lain, iaitu dipenjara, lokap atau tempat pemulihan swasta. Namun, segalanya berubah dan seperti dapat satu kehidupan yang baru selepas aku di PENGASIH. Terima kasih pada semua kaunselor dan staff yang banyak membimbing aku dari dulu hingga sekarang, semoga Allah yang dapat membalas segala ilmu yang dicurahkan dalam mengekalkan kepulihan aku.
Lah Yoosuff
Voluntarily admitting myself into PENGASIH was the best decision I've ever made in my life. The program has helped me tremendously in finding myself again and making changes in my life. The time I spent in PENGASIH has impacted my life in ways that cannot be explained by words. The community I found within it has been and still is my greatest support system. I am very grateful to be able to rebuild my life and achieving so much while living up to my highest potential. Thank you PENGASIH!
Liya Nashita
Alhamdulillah pada 02/11/2019 saya telah menyertai program pemulihan di Rumah Pengasih Selangor Bukit Beruntung Rawang (Sinar Kasih), saya menjalani pemulihan selama 2 tahun dibantu oleh tenaga pengajar kaunselor dan staff yang terlatih serta berdedikasi dalam setiap program yang diberikan.
I came into PENGASIH without anything. After 1 year, I have now gained everything in life that matters - family's trust, self-confidence, and all the necessary knowledge needed to live a healthy and sober life. PENGASIH makes a difference.