family/social integration

Every culture on the planet recognises the family’s significant role in fostering social integration toward developing a healthy society. The family holds the fundamental responsibilities for their family members’ socialisation and belonging ideals in the society after recovery. For instance, to be able to provide ample opportunities and solid emotional and practical support for their family members. This is to ensure that they can satisfactorily be socialised into the norms and values of society after the recovery.


Addiction can negatively affect several aspects of one’s life, particularly the career and education. Good education during and after recovery helps the client grow and develop, leading them to also have a better career path. We learn how to act, how to treat others, how to respect our surroundings, and how to contribute positively to society. Thus, here in PENGASIH, good education and career can be explored after the client has completed the recovery journey.

Group Support

PENGASIH Family Support Group is formed to provide continuous support for parents, caregivers and family members of patients. Families’ role in the support and care of a relative with drug addiction is significant to ensure the swift recovery of patients. Furthermore, family support is crucial as well to provide mutual assistance in satisfying a common need and overcoming a common issue faced by the patients. Hence, various online and physical activities for the family members are ready to be constructed throughout the recovery period to help the patients on the road to recovery.