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razman rahmat

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– All government clinic and hospital

– Private Clinic and specialist medical centre

– Law enforcement/Legal Aid Assistance

– Social Welfare

– Other clients’ requirements


Hello! What would you like us to help you with today?

Great, please use the number listed below to talk to our staffs via direct call or Whatsapp Application between 9 am to 6 pm (Monday-Friday).

En. Firdaus Ahmad: +60 16-213 6467

En. Abdullah Ghani: +60 11-2384 7617

En. Razman: +60 11-1133 5800

Do you have ideas that can lead to beneficial collaboration and partnerships such as events and programs? You are welcome to contact us for further discussions at

We do provide consultation services for treatment, rehabilitation and aftercare. To arrange your physical or online consultation, kindly contact this number (Puan Shereen: +60172881671)

Media is phenomenal in reaching the public to provide awareness and education. For any media inquiries such as an interview session and appointments, kindly contact this number (Puan Shereen: +60172881671)

Our programs are highly structured and private to ensure the confidentiality of our clients. Thus, visitors are encouraged to apply for a visit. Our headquarters is located at Bukit Tunku, Kuala Lumpur. Kindly contact this number to arrange your visit (Puan Shereen: +60172881671)

How long is the duration of the inpatient program?

The duration of our inpatient treatment program varies on a case-to-case basis depending on the severity of the client’s condition upon admission, with a minimum length of 28-days and the recommended optimum length being 6 months.

How to schedule an appointment for the outpatient program?

To schedule your appointment, kindly contact this number (Puan Shereen: +60172881671)

How will the patient’s assessment take place?

Our certified counsellors will do assessments during the interview sessions.

Who is providing and administering the treatment services?

All treatments are provided by our qualified and certified professionals specialising in the fields of substance use disorders.

Do you receive international patients?

Yes, we do accept international clients. Kindly contact this number for any inquiries (En. Roslan: +60 19-246 7183)

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