who we are

about us

In the year 1991, PENGASIH Malaysia Association was officially formed by a group of former drug addicts with the core values of a belief that drug addiction does recover and addiction is preventable.

With over 30 years of experience to date, PENGASIH has assisted thousands of recovering addicts in their recovery process. It has ventured deeply into providing Treatment & Recovery from substance abuse with a working force within whom members of Persatuan PENGASIH Malaysia are. These members are none other than people in recovery who have adopted the methodologies of Persatuan PENGASIH Malaysia.

This Therapeutic Community’s approach is built from the core principle of exploring the bio-psycho-social and spiritual aspects of an individual. This intense approach targets the behaviour pattern and brings about a change in oneself in order to be free from substance abuse.

Persatuan PENGASIH Malaysia believes that the involvement of family and parents is essential and acts as a great motivation to help people in recovery, which might differ from the more intuitional approach of the government-run correction facilities. With this proven and more cost-effective manner, we are living testament that the Therapeutic Community’s approach is effective.

Haji Ramli Samad, President PENGASIH

president’s message

Our primary goal is to reduce drug abuse statistics and prevent relapses by imparting knowledge and skills more effectively to the clients as well as to their family members.

PENGASIH Malaysia has gained achievements in helping more than 10 000 clients in the recovery road of substance use disorder in the past 30 years. Besides, PENGASIH also helps to unleash great potential and to provide ample opportunities for the clients in terms of education and career after the treatment and rehabilitation.

While I believe that drug addiction does recover and addiction is preventable, it is notable to highlight that family also holds the primary role in ensuring everlasting recovery and strength for their family members to undergo substance use disorder treatment.